i need..

changes in my life.

the thing is, right now and in the nearest future there are and will be BIG fucking changes in my life.

hell, my year on smededal is over, and this tuesday i'm starting christianshavns gymnasium (secondary education), and i've just moved in to a new apartment.
i would call that changes.

yes, but no. i feel like i'm already back in my old routine, and i feel like getting away from it. i want vacation, problem is right now is my fucking summer vacation.

i think in need to travel, vacation at home just isn't enough. i wanna get away, i wanna clear my head before starting school again.
i'm thinking i wanna save some money up and go to berlin during the autumn break. amanda and i could go, and stay at her dad's apartment, or my dad's friends apartment. bus tickets are cheap, and so is living if you want it to be.
that would be nice, i wish i could do it now.

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