home ~

I'm home ~ !
We were only away for 3 days, but it felt much longer.

We were planning on traveling around the whole week, but we decided to go home today. It wasn't fun when we didn't had a target `( U = U)´

Day 1:
We started at 8 in the morning where the motorway stars in Copenhagen. It did not take long before we were picked up by a man who were able to drive us all the way to Odense. Unfortunately, his GPS were very strange, so we took a detour all the way to Lolland (= A =);;
After staying for a few hours in Odense, we decided to go to Vejle, Ølsted where Charlie lives. So we picked up a ride with a lady to a motorway exit, where we stood for a long time. Finally, a man picked us up, and drove us a little longer, very close to the Little Belt Bridge. Then, after less than two minutes, an old very cool man picked us up in his small truck, and drove us to the other side of the bridge. After standing there for an hour, we got a ride with a 3x34 truck, and the man was very friendly and drove us all the way to Charlie's house! Charlie's friend was there too, and Charlie's mom gave us something to eat ( A 0 A)

Day 2:
After eating, taking a bath and chilling at Charlie's house, we walked outside the town(it's very small) to get a ride to Vejle. I think it took about half an hour. Then we ate pizza in Vejle, and walked around for a bit. After some time, we walked outside town, up a very long hill, and hitched a ride. We were going to Kolding, where a girl called Camilla would let us sleep at her place :D The couple we were driving with drove us to a little outside Kolding, where we got a new ride with a very cool young lady. She drove us all the way to the train station, where we met Camilla. Unfortunately, i forgot my Smededal sweater in the young lady's car D: !! So after we dumped our stuff at Camilla's place, we went out looking for it. Fortunately, when driving with the young lady, she mentioned the street she lived on when driving down it. After searching for a long time in the rain, Katalin noticed the young lady's car, and i got my sweater back. SO lucky! <3
Then we watched Gothika at Camilla's, and went to sleep.

Day 3:
We ate breakfast at Camilla's house (Nutella! <3), and then we walked downtown Kolding. After sitting for a while outside Fakta, we decided to go to the train station, to go to the toilet, and to see how much a ticket to Copenhagen would cost. Then we decided on taking the train home, and arrived at Copenhagen around 4pm. Yes, we are lame, we know (T A T*)´

But it was a nice trip anyway :D <3
Next year we're hitchhicking to Amsterdam in panda kigurumi 8D

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