DLF meet-up + Tivoli

Today was funnnnn :D

First there was the Danish Lolitas autumn meet-up.
We met at 13:30 on the main train station (i was a little late, stupid bus), and walked to Glyptoteket (museum).
Honestly, that was a little boring, I don't mind museums, but at a meet-up. Kinda wtf are we doing here?
But it was still fun because of all the awezzum' people
Dinner was originally planned to be around 6pm I think, but at around 3.30(?) we went to Wagamama and ate there. I think it was a good thing, I was hungry :D
I had teriyaki salmon soba, and it was so delicious ♥
But not near as delicious as my dessert,
crème brûlée with mango sorbet. OGMYGAWDZZ, it was amazing
And I got a 50% discount on the bill because of my student card

Anyway, at 5:30 I left and went to Tivoli with mom. I love Tivoli when it's Halloween, it's so pretty. Ecpecially when it gets dark.
So mom and I walked around and drank hot chocolate, and I got a cute red knitted beanie with a pom on top
(=♥ ω ♥=)

That's all, bye ~

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