... waz FRIGGIN' awezum' :D !

I met up with Laila, and we went to the concert hall together. There we met Anna, Sascha, Akatsuki, Maria and lots of other nizzle people. Josefine/Dims, a girl i used to go to demonstrations and hang out with, also joined us, and she was just as cute as back in the old days :D

The doors were opened, and i got the best spot ever, in the front row, just in the middle. Oh, AND THERE WAS A SIGN SESSION, and i got a poster signed and shaked hands with MUCC while Laila and Josefine held my spot in ze hall. Aww, the band was so cute and nice (ノ ´ ∀ `)ノ ♥

First, some kinda warm-up band played, and they were kinda cool, throwing all kinds of merch to the crowd. Laila caught a hoddie.
Then Horse The Band played, and they were pretty cool too. The guy on keyboard looked like Napoleon Dynamite just more psychopathic. And the bass guy was so crazy and wild, he was awesome.

Tatsurou's voice was great, better than i thought it would be live, and his outfit was so stylish. Actually, all their outfits were really stylish ☆ I really like how they were all barefooted.
And YUKKE was (of course) fucking awesome. *fangirlzm*
They played FUZZ, which is my second favorite MUCC song :D

After MUCC, Story of the Year played, and Laila, Josefine and i went to the tribune to see them. They were ok, but they kinda reminds me of Bullet for My Valentine ( ;;゚Д゚)

While As I Lay Dying played, i went home. I had an headache, and i wasn't deadly interested in As I Lay Dying nor Atreyu.

I also bought this really cool t-shirt.

I'm not a Horse the Band fan, but i thought it was cool. And their guitarist gave me a 50kr discount! ( ⌒ ▽⌒) ♥



Duckie said...

Lol, figuren på t-shirten ligner lidt en psykopatisk udgave af dig =D <3

Nina ~ said...

..way? 8D ♥

AnnaBananah said...

Det var så nice at se dig igen *A*