London + Prague

Right, so I want to tell a bit about me going to London and Prague

I'm going to London i December, probably from Thursday the 11th to Sunday the 14th (Kata, correct me if I'm wrong x3)
I'm going with Katalin and her family (they are so nice
The whole reason for the trip is to see Streetlight Manifesto on the 13th. It's gonna be fucking awesome, I can't wait to see them! And it's my first time in London :D

In the winter vacation I'm going to Prague with 201 other people from my school. So many! :D It's kinda cool because it's arranged by some of the other students, no adults are coming.
And it's also the first time I'm going to Prague

It's kinda strange for me, going to travel so much in such a short period of time, and without my parents. BUT IT'S GONNA BE SO MUCH FUNNNNN, I can't wait!

(And my bento stuff came today, I'm so happy )

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AnnaBananah said...

wooooowwww, you lucky lucky girl ;A;